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Martha Lane Fox was a massive dot com

success as the co-founder of The brand became a household name after its launch in 1998 and was one of the sites to survive the bubble bursting in 2000.

Admirable as this is, it is her exploits after her departure in 2003 from that really prove why she is a hero of ours.

In 2004, Lane Fox was severely injured in a car accident while on holiday in Morocco. This led to her spending two years in and out of hospital having multiple operations on her legs, pelvis and arms. She has had skin grafts and now several metal plates in her body but this hasn't deterred her passion for business and technology.

Her most recent move was to become the Champion for Digital Inclusion for the Government and is now using her technological expertise to help encourage more people to use modern day technology.

After her appointment, she released a statement saying: "Although I realise I am lucky enough to be one of the least digitally excluded people in the country, I have seen first-hand how technology can help to create positive change in people's lives."

Her journey has been an amazing rollercoaster and now she is giving her experience to those who need it. She is definitely a heroic character in the technology industry. - Jennifer Scott

Martha Lane Fox

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