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Though it's still early days, Google's latest creation, Google Wave, has caught the attention of many - though some aren't sure what to make of the web giant's take on email.

Invites to Google Wave have been slowly trickling out, but they're still few and far between... for some. We've got 10 and want you to have your very own.

Here's how our two-part contest works.

First, type up 50 words on the tech innovation you would create if you had the know-how - and the cash injection from investors. A new social networking site? An all-in-one gadget? Be creative.

Second, head over to our Google Wave review and find out the name of the brothers who work at Google as engineers and helped develop Wave. Use their last name as your subject line.

Please send your entries - with your 50 word entry, name, email address and the right name in the subject line - to by Monday, 9 November at 6pm GMT.

But only after you've read our terms and conditions.

The editor's decision is final. The 10 winners will be notified within a week, but keep in mind we have no control over when Google decides to process the invites.

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