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New chatbot and nano influencer services help online sellers

Online sellers will be able to grow brand awareness, boost buying frequency and build brand loyalty

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The newly created The Chat Agency launched its Facebook Messenger chatbot and social media nano influencer marketing services to help online sellers increase their brand awareness, product sales and rankings.

According to a senior company spokesperson, "We noticed our listings were losing rank for competitive and valuable keywords. We knew we could solve the problem manually, but who has that kind of time when they have a valuable business to run? Wasn't there an easier way? As it turns out, there wasn't, so…we decided to create a better solution using proven practices." 

The company uses intelligent Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing automation to help clients increase customer engagement and sales. Online sellers are now using Facebook Messenger chatbots more often to automate their marketing efforts. Chatbots increase the ability to speak to buyers more often and about more relevant topics, increasing conversions and sales. 

Facebook Messenger has more than 2 million active chatbots and experiences more than 20 billion messages between businesses and users monthly. The number of global Facebook users is expected to hit 3.1 billion by 2021, so companies will benefit from engaging this audience. 

The Chat Agency provides the following marketing services:

  • Amazon Rank maintenance: A service that maintains or increases a listing’s relevance and traffic. It’ll help reduce seller costs to launch new products and rank. It uses existing audiences and those brought in by chatbots. The service includes automated rank analysis, intelligent chatbot automation, conversion copywriting and visually guided Search-Find-Buy Plus.
  • Nano-Influencer Framework: A social media promotion system that uses up-and-coming influencers to create real relationships, influence and results. It includes social proof, brand ambassadors who will promote products, gamified product promotion and user generated content.

According to the company, people who follow nano influencers on social media are more likely to make purchases based on their recommendations. Social media influencers effectively drive sales, and the influencer marketing industry is expected to hit $15 billion by 2022.

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