IT workers the unhealthiest in the UK


IT workers aren't doing themselves any favours when it comes to their health, according to a new survey.

In fact, the IT profession is the least likely to exercise of any job in the UK, the survey of 1,700 workers by personal trainers Fat Free Fitness found. Just one in five meet government guidelines of half-an-hour of moderate exercise five times a week.

IT workers are followed in the sloth by receptionists and sales people. The most active jobs were manual labourers and construction workers.

And if the lack of exercise wasn't enough, IT workers aren't eating their vegetables, either. Just 14 per cent said they ate their five a day, but they did manage to chug caffeinated drinks equating to an average 10 cups of coffee a day - two cups over government guidelines.

A previous study suggested IT workers are also hitting the bottle more than they should, too.

Fat Free Fitness founder Rich Leigh noted that desk-bound workers needed to be careful about their health. "There is clearly a correlation between sitting at a desk or wheel all day and how active you're likely to be," he said.

He called on employers to help their idle staff out by organising sports and activities, and called on government to help small businesses get their employees discounts to gyms.

"People are leaving gyms and becoming less active and it's because on the whole, people can't afford them," he said in a statement. "Incentivise exercise by funding small business gym discounts, and I guarantee healthier workers."

Here's the ranking of the top ten most inactive professions, by the percentage that manage to meet exercise guidelines:

1. IT workers 19 per cent

2. Receptionists 26 per cent

3. Salespeople 28 per cent

4. Checkout operators 31 per cent

5. Marketing 33 per cent

6. Customer services 37 per cent

7. Administrative workers 38 per cent

8. Taxi drivers 41 per cent

9. Retail workers 45 per cent

10. Shop attendants 47 per cent