Compellent launches tiered storage product

Storage Center 5

Compellent today announced the launch of its Storage Centre 5 product to enable businesses of all sizes to tier their storage and protect data with disaster recovery.

In addition to providing automated tiered storage with RAID 6 protection and capabilities for virtual ports, it also features portable volume replication encrypting USB storage to be sent from site to site that can only be read by another Compellent machine.

"What we feel is that enterprises of all sizes have similar types of needs but the smaller or midsize don't have the budget. We offer storage centre and everybody gets same availability," Bob Fine, director of product marketing at Compellent, told IT PRO.

"Our approach is unique. We have started to roll this out to our customers over past 60 days and got some good feedback."

Storage Centre 5 is built on Compellent's Dynamic Block Architecture which the company boasts is unlike any other on the market.

"Dynamic Block Architecture is at the heart of what we do [and] no-one else has this capability," said Fine.

"Every time you take a digital photo there is a lot of info stored [date, time etc] then a tool can be used to look at this metadata and store it. We do something similar keeping a small amount of metadata then using that to make intelligent systems."

Storage Centre 5 is available worldwide now with entry-level configurations starting at 13,750.

Jennifer Scott

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