Is Google going to create Android 3D?


Google has bought BumpTop Technologies, a Canadian start-up which created a multi-touch 3D desktop interface for both Windows and Mac.

BumpTop made the announcement on its website, which says the firm's software is no longer available for sale. However, BumpTop Free is still open for download for anyone who wants a taste of what could be to come.

A message on the site reads: "More than three years ago, we set out to completely change the way people use their desktops."

It continues: "Despite our change in strategy, we remain as passionate as ever about helping shape the future of computing."

As for details of the deal, Google has remained tight-lipped, with a spokesperson telling IT PRO: "We're happy to welcome theBumpTopteam to Google, but we don't have any specific information to share."

However, Mark McQueen, president and chief executive officer of Canadian venture debt firm blog that the price was around $30 million (19.7 million).

In an earlier post, McQueen also sought to explain the reasons behind Google's purchase.

"Given the arm wrestling going on between Apple and Google over who will have the sweetest user experience, BumpTop's cool desktop and underlying technology are a natural piece of Google's user interface puzzle as they prepare to take on the current kings of all consumer electronics," he wrote.

Rumours are now circulating the web about how Google will use its new acquisition, with some suggesting that a 3D version of the search giant's Android mobile OS could be on the way. With 3D making waves in the cinematic world, it perhaps makes sense that this would translate to the web and mobile areas soon.

Tom Brewster

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