Week in Review: Office 2010 released, Adobe vs Apple continues

Week in Review

Microsoft releases Office 2010

Microsoft has this week made Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 available to business users on a volume licence. The software will hit retail shelves 15 June.

The tech giant is bullish about the prospects of its new free online Web Apps, which it thinks can help stave off rivals like Google Docs.

Microsoft also released SQL Server 2008 R2 this week.

Adobe versus Apple continues...

Adobe and Apple have continued to bicker over Flash and what constitutes an open attitude this week.

Adobe's founders took aim at Apple, and even ran a series of newspaper ads proclaiming to love the Californian firm, but not be so keen on its closed nature.

Read on for more about the battle here.

The best of the rest...

We were on the ground filing from conferences across the US, with stories about EMC's cloud plans, Tibco's prediction of the death of CRM and Citrix's warning for IT to keep up with the digital generation.

Also this week, tablet rumours abound, with Verizon and Google teaming up, and BT said to be working on its own. And Archos is actually set to deliver a tablet, at the relatively low price of 129.

BT also promised this week to invest another 1 billion into fibre broadband, giving two-thirds of the country access by 2015.