Is Michael Dell about to be ousted?

Michael Dell

ANALYSIS Michael Dell set up his famous computer company back in 1984 and there is no doubt that over the past 26 years the founder has led the company into the upper echelons of the tech industry.

But recent events have been damaging for Dell both the man and the company.

The investigation into failures in reporting payments made between Dell and Intel has made a dent in the company's reputation.

Then, this week it emerged a quarter of Dell's shareholders issued a 'withhold' vote for the re-election of the firm's founder.

Is Mr Dell in danger of being pushed out of his own firm?

Days numbered?

Such a loss of shareholder support may indicate Michael Dell would struggle to hang onto his position, if this lack of backing escalated.

While the majority of shareholders expressed support for the founder, 25 per cent is still a sizable chunk.

What Dell now needs is some fresh blood, according to Quocirca service director Clive Longbottom.

"Dell needs somebody who can be a really good CEO, somebody who can make the hard decisions that Dell requires," Longbottom said

He believes the company needs a chief executive who understands what enterprises are looking for.

"[Mr Dell is] not the same guy who started putting PCs together out of his bedroom as a student and came up with all these brilliant ideas of that time," Longbottom added.

Times have changed since Dell's inception. That is undeniable. Has Mr Dell been able to change with them?

Tom Brewster

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