M86 launches Secure Web Gateway 10.0


M86 Security has launched Secure Web Gateway 10.0 designed to provide businesses with greater visibility over their internet traffic and improve productivity.

The updated version of the M86 product includes improved social media monitoring, which has been taken down to an even more granular level so an individual user's activity can be watched and controlled.

This can both assist organisations in preventing workers from disclosing sensitive company data and up productivity by stopping employees wasting time while using the corporate network.

The Dynamic Web Repair feature, meanwhile, is able to present the end user with a cleansed website.

It is able to do this once the gateway's real-time code analysis has detected malicious code running on the given site. Any sections of that site containing malicious code are then removed before the web page is presented to the user.

M86 Security Reporter 3.0 is also included in Web Gateway 10.0, providing administrators with a new interface from which to view what threats the organisation is facing and what kinds of sites are being accessed by workers.

Windows 7 agents can now be supported, while an auto-enrolment capability has also been included in the software, which allows businesses to roll out certificates to validate individual PCs through the corporate network.

"We see this as being a critical platform for us, one that we'll continue to add products to down the road," said William Kilmer, chief marketing office of M86 Security, during the RSA Europe Conference today in London.

"Vendor consolidation is something that is a growing trend in the market and it is leading people more towards solutions where the interface, the reporting etc. are all integrated together."

He told IT PRO the next update will certainly be in 2011 when email security technologies will be included in the product.

Tom Brewster

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