Windows Phone 7 review: email, calendar and Microsoft Office first look

Ata-glance calendar information is not particularly novel, but Microsoft takes the idea a step further in that the lock screen on a handset shows your next calendar appointment, so that you don't have to go through the bother of fully unlocking your phone and opening an app to check where and when your next time commitment is.

A real innovation is that a Windows Phone 7 device can display data from two calendars at once showing the pair vertically side by side. This means you can match up a work and home calendar, or maybe a calendar for yourself and your partner in order to avoid any scheduling conflicts.


From what we've seen of Windows Phone 7 so far, the new smartphone operating system looks like a mixed blessing for business users. The interface has been significantly improved over previous Microsoft smartphone operating systems, but users dependent on third party apps, as well as copy and paste, may want to postpone upgrading for now.

Sandra Vogel
Freelance journalist

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