Virgin Media to help create fibre homes

Internet home

Virgin Media has teamed up with Persimmon Homes to help create thousands of fibre broadband-enabled houses.

Selected Persimmon new-builds in cabled areas will be constructed with integrated access to Virgin Media fibre connections.

As part of the deal, Persimmon's show homes will advertise Virgin Media products, including the ISP's "ultrafast" 50Mbps broadband.

Buyers will be able to create their own personalised home communications set-ups to suit their needs.

"Virgin Media's partnership with Persimmon Homes can take a little bit of the stress out of setting up home as well as allow more people to enjoy our next-generation services as soon as they move in," said Steve Carlin, Virgin Media's director of sales for new build.

"We all want to be able to watch, share and access our entertainment at home and Virgin Media's services really help customers to make the most of their technology."

Virgin Media is currently expanding its fibre network and said it would soon offer services to an extra 500,000 premises.

BT, meanwhile, has signed a deal with Avanti to help support rollout of broadband services in Cornwall via a recently launched satellite.

The five-year contract, which has an estimated value of 1.2 million, will also cover different parts of the UK.

The UK was recently ranked 24th for broadband value, with Hong Kong placed in first.

Tom Brewster

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