IBM introduces mobile security tech and services


IBM has launched a range of solutions targeting the mobile security segment, including endpoint management software.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager uses the technology acquired when IBM bought BigFix, bringing endpoint and security management onto one platform.

Administrators will be able to use this one solution to keep an eye on both physical and virtual endpoints.

The software is capable of identifying which devices are not in compliance with corporate IT policies and will recommend fixes and updates for up to 500,000 machines in minutes.

"From electrical grids to mobile devices, transportation systems and buildings, the proliferation of these intelligent systems is creating new security loopholes that businesses need to address," said Steve Robinson, general manager at IBM Security Solutions.

"On today's smarter planet, everything is an endpoint, and must be managed and secured like any other critical business asset."

IBM has also teamed up with partner Juniper Networks on producing a security solution for the top mobile platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.

The service uses policy based enforcement to ensure only authorised personnel can access corporate data.

Elsewhere, Big Blue announced further investment into research and development projects based around security.

IBM developers are looking at creating a single management platform to manage any mobile device on a business network, allowing administrators to remotely set policies, monitor employee devices and wipe data.

The tech giant said it was also exploring technology to secure smart meters.

Tom Brewster

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