Apple MacOS X 10.7 Lion: need to know

Apple has also refined existing features in MacOS X to make them easier to use. Mission Control combines the existing Expose windows management feature and the Spaces extended desktops to make them easier to use, giving a overview of all open apps, windows and extended desktops from a single view. It's hard to say how well it works without an extended go though.

The Mission Control feature in MacOS X 10.7 Lion

AirDrop is an adhoc WiFi peer-to-peer local file sharing network. It should make transferring files over a network without the aid of USB disks much easier other connected computers will automatically appear in a graphical icon map view which should make them easier to find. Simply drag and drop files onto the icon representing the other person's computer to send the file. A confirmation dialog will prompt the other user to accept or reject the file.

Users who have stuck with Apple's bundled Mail program will find a revamped interface with a long-anticipated three-column view. There'll also be a GMail-style threaded conversation view for keeping track of long-winded email exchanges and the program will suggest search terms when searching for contacts or messages by keyword.

There are also numerous other, smaller, features such as Reading List in Safari to compliment the corresponding feature in iOS 5.

What has happened to MacOS X Server?

The Server version of Lion will be available as an optional download from the Mac App Store for 35.

35 for MacOS X Server?! Really?

Yup, 35. The current unlimited client licence for MacOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server costs 417 inc VAT, although Apple has yet to confirm whether there will be a limit to the number of clients that can be served with Lion Server. It does appear to have the same features as the client version of Lion and the server version of Snow Leopard, including a mail server, a wiki server and Xsan support.