IT Pro Start-Up Tour: A10 Networks

Future gazing

If you think there's any chance of Chen selling on the company, dream on. Asked if he would sell, he responded with a decisive, reverberating "no".

Instead, A10 will add more features to ensure the LANs and WANs of businesses today are working with the utmost efficiency.

"We always try to be technical and strategic so we don't miss the big trends," Chen said.

However, an initial public offering (IPO) is in the pipeline, possibly within the next two years.

"The IPO is definitely one of the milestones of the company. I'm not in a rush to get an IPO, but I would take a good guess it will be in between the next 12 to 18 months," Chen added.

"The good thing is that we don't really need an IPO tomorrow. A10 has been cash flow positive for the past 18 months."


The IPO will be a big moment in A10's future. For the first time, it will have the added pressure from shareholders wanting results sooner rather than later; and that could lead to it focusing on those needs rather than its customers.

Of course, it will also have the extra money to invest in its portfolio. If the firm can continue to deliver results and happy customers, few would back against its continued rapid growth.

Going public may bring additional stresses to Chen and co, but it will more than likely be a boon for this already successful enterprise.

Tom Brewster

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