Google gives Gmail a facelift


Google has created an updated version of Gmail, now available to every user.

The internet giant said the latest version of its email client will be rolling out to everyone in the next few days, but it is available to preview now.

The new Gmail features brighter colors, larger tabs for conversations, amongst many other features.

A dropdown menu on the search bar allows for advanced searching, making it faster to find what users are looking for within their mail. Users can also create filters for any search with this new panel.

Conversation has been redesigned, allowing reading through email threads to look simpler. Profile pictures will pop-up next to users contacts, adding a social element as well as making it easier to see who said what.

"We also stripped out as much as possible so you can focus on communicating with your friends and colleagues," said Google user experience designer Jason Cornwell, in a blog post.

Since users may access their account from a variety of screen sizes and devices, the elements on the screen will now automatically adjust based on the form factor being used.

Google has also added a drop down menu to change the type of display density, including "comfortable, cozy, and compact" settings based on users' preference.

The navigation panel on the left keeps labels and chat contacts in view at all times, but users will be able to resize the labels and chat areas on their own. The arrow keys also help users navigate around the page.

With the help of iStockPhoto, HD themes have been rebuilt to enable high-resolution screens. Users who have a particular theme enabled will see an automatic update of it when Gmail is officially carried over to its new look.

Below is a video outlining the changes: