Behind the scenes at Dell's Cloud Centre

IT Pro's sister site Cloud Pro has published an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Dell's Cloud Centre of Excellence.

"Walking into the meeting room, we are reminded of the moment you realise you've arrived at a party an hour before the rest of the guests," Cloud Pro explains.

"The venue is so new, the centre's manager, Stephen McKenna, was yet to unload the green crates holding his vital files and folders."

Dell's Stephen McKenna

The centre is part of Dell's $1 billion investment in services such as cloud-based products, with the emphasis being on educating companies and public bodies on what the cloud can do for them, and finding new ways to solve business problems using cloud computing.

"The kind of services we provide are initial customer briefings, so this is really like starting a customer journey, listening to customers, doing an evaluation of their existing infrastructure, floating some reference architectures in front of the customer to find out what they're looking for," McKenna added.

The Dell Cloud Centre of Excellence officially opens its doors in February 2012.

Tim Danton

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