Samsung set to sue Apple as iPhone 5 launches

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Samsung could be preparing to counter sue arch-rival Apple, industry sources claim.

A source told the Korea Times that Samsung has "decided to take immediate legal action" should the iPhone 5 be released featuring LTE (Long Term Evolution) functionality.

Samsung could claim the inclusion of LTE would infringe its patents. Europe and the US "are our primary targets," the source said. The action could also threaten the launch of the rumoured iPad Mini too.

The iPhone 5 is set to be launched on Wednesday 12 September and Samsung has made threats to sue Apple in the past should the firm release an LTE-enabled smartphone.

Apple could also face Taiwanese electronic giant HTC in court next, because it wants to block the iPhone's import into the US on patent violation grounds.

HTC claims Apple's new iPad and the forthcoming iPhone 5 infringe two patents held by the company. These patents concern the reliable transfer of large volumes of data.

The company has filed a case with the International Trade Commission on this matter.

HTC is reported to have acquired patents from ADC Telecommunications when it launched its first LTE-enabled phone, the Thunderbolt.

As well as LTE, the new iPhone is rumoured to have a four-inch retina display, and a completely redesigned body. It is also said to have ditched the traditional 30-pin connector in favour of a smaller 9-pin dock.

As reported by IT Pro, Samsung was recently ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages after a US jury ruled the Korean company had copied critical features of the iPhone and iPad

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