HTC Windows Phone 8X review

We test out the flagship Windows Phone 8 device from HTC, which features a 4.3in display, dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm chip and 16GB of internal storage.

A Wallet app is pre-installed on all Windows Phone 8 devices. It stores all your card and payment information so you don't have to enter it every time you want to purchase something. When you first enter the payment details for Windows Phone Store purchases, the information will be added to the Wallet app.

You can also add details to the deals section of the app so they are stored for future use. Whenever you enter new payment details, the app will search the Windows Phone Store to find an app that can be used with the payment method.

For example, we set up our PayPal account, and the app installed the PayPal app. You only enter the first six digits of your card in the app, keeping it secure.

Child friendly

Kids Corner is going to be particularly useful for those who have children. The useful setting prevent children from accessing and deleting any sensitive material and also accessing anything untoward on your phone.

Kids Corner apps

We set the Kids Corner to include the Angry Birds and Flashlight app, but you can add any many as you like

As the name suggests, Kids Corner gives a section of your phone they can use, whether it be apps, games or photos.


The feel of the device takes a while to get used to. Initially, we found the slim design a little uncomfortable to hold. At its thickest part, the 8X measures 10.1mm, but it tapers in at the edges and feels sharp.

HTC 8X Windows Phone

HTC has gone with the curved design, giving the device a slim look

At first, we found this casing a little hard to hold when typing, featuring the slender handset would slip from our grip, but it's something you'll adjust to quickly and against the bulky Lumia 920, another launch Windows Phone 8 handset, it feels almost invisible, which is a good thing.


Despite having a 4in+ screen, the device doesn't look or feel as bulky as competing handsets

The screen measures 4.3in and although we've found previous smartphones a little bit of a struggle to use with a 4in plus screen, the bezel is so thin on the 8X, it's easy to reach from one side of the screen to the other without dislocating your thumb.

Those who have been using a smartphone/tablet hybrid like the Samsung Galaxy Note for a while, or even the Lumia 900 at 4.7ins may find it strange to take a drop in size to 4.3in screen, but for us, it's the perfect size for a phone.

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