Best iPhone apps for 2019

Slack Team Communication

Slack Technologies, Inc.

Category: Business

Price: Free

Slack is the perfect app for workplace communication that connects team members. It creates organisation and structure through devolved channels for different projects, topics and teams. This can bring teams together in an organised manner without the chaos of a large sprawling group chat.

You can drag and share files quite simply and everything is archived meaning past conversations can be easily located.

Main Idea: Simple and effective in connecting team members.


Twitter Inc

Category: Social Networking

Price: Free

What would the modern world be like without Twitter? This social media app allows you share bite-sized updates with the world, composed of text, photos, videos and web links. Twitter has become a central tool for professionals in the media and marketing industries, primarily thanks to instantaneous communication and the service's prevalence as a destination for communities of all kinds, from sport fans to TV viewers, gig-goers to political activists, to discuss events, and for those discussions to appear as trending topics.

Twitter has experimented with new ways to attract users lately, including altering user feeds from displaying real-time tweets to tweets from several hours ago. But fundamentally, if you've not given the social network a try for work purposes, or tried it and given it up, it's still worth getting involved to explore what opportunities it could offer your business.

Main Idea: Update the world on what you've seen, heard and done in 140 characters.

Alternatives: TweetDeck, Buffer, HootSuite

TapeACall Pro

Epic Enterprises

Category: Business

Price: 7.99

TapeACall lets you record calls that you're on or placing, then share or save the recording. Simply open the app and hit record when receiving a call to create a new file that may be transferred from your iPhone to your computer or shared with others via email, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook

Main Idea: This app is convenient, easy to use, and allows you to transfer and share recordings, making it essential for calls that you'll need to reference later.

Wolfram Alpha

Publisher: Wolfram Group LLC

Category: Reference

Price: 2.29

WolframAlpha is the mobile version of the database website that can solve almost any query you throw at it, whether it involves mathematics, linguistics, finance, chemical formulae, the list is huge.

Instead of throwing back a list of search results, the app will generate immediate answers. For example, a search for Intel will display revenue reports, share prices, and even employee counts. Forget asking Google for answers, WolframAlpha has you covered.

Main Idea: A vast database of knowledge that is regularly updated.


DeskConnect, Inc.

Category: Productivity

Price: 2.99

Connect apps and actions to automate the things you already do with your device. You can create your own apps or use others' creations with over 200 pre-defined actions, leaving you with endless possibilities for new workflows. The app is highly customisable meaning you can make it work harder for you without having to deal with any sequences that aren't personally useful.

Main Idea: Once you get the hang of automating a series of events into one action, your iPhone will become more useful and your life, easier.

Alternative: IF by IFTTT



Category: Travel

Price: Free

Citymapper has become one of the world's most popular apps for city navigation. It provides a deeper view of the city's infrastructure and transport network than Google Maps, and allows users travelling through the city to take into account the speed of their journey based on their mode of travel.

The app shrewdly considers congestion and offers a personalised touch to travelling - such as a wish to be environmentally friendly.

It has useful tools like commute tracking, travel history and statistics to help with journeys.

Main idea: An app that optimises commutes for users within their town or city

Alternative: Google Maps


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