Reducing IT costs and complexity

Reducing IT costs and complexity

It may seem hard to believe, but as little as one third of most IT budgets is used to create innovative solutions for the business. The rest is swallowed up by maintenance of infrastructure that's overly complex, inflexible and costly to manage, according to Microsoft technology strategist, Neil Sanderson. It's a view echoed by analysts IDC Research, who found that only 4% of businesses have best-of-breed IT infrastructure.

Yet what both business and IT managers want to see is IT solving line-of-business challenges and driving efficiency and growth. "Many companies face pressures of cost, regulatory compliance, security and connectivity issues," says Sanderson. "What they really need is an integrated environment to make them more agile and responsive in today's highly competitive climate. By optimising their IT, most could save up to 500 per PC each year in maintenance and management costs. For an organisation with 200 PCs, that would cut costs by 100,000 a year." How can companies unlock the latent value of their IT?

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