Square tells employees they can work from home permanently

Square has announced that most employees can continue working remotely, even after the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

The company’s announcement comes just days after Twitter told employees that they could also work from home indefinitely. Both companies are led by Jack Dorsey, so it’s no surprise Square would provide its employees with the same work-from-home option.

"We want employees to be able to work where they feel most creative and productive," a Square spokesperson shared in a statement. "Moving forward, Squares will be able to work from home permanently, even once offices begin to reopen."

Square’s new work-from-home policy will function like Twitter’s. Those who can do their jobs remotely will be able to continue to do so, even after governments nix stay-at-home orders. Those who are security personnel or are otherwise needed onsite will have to report to their respective worksites as directed.

Twitter and Square’s employees have been working from home since early March. Twitter was one of the first tech companies to encourage its employees to work remotely at the onset of the pandemic.

Jennifer Christie, VP of people at Twitter, shared in a post on Twitter’s blog, “We’re proud of the early action we took to protect the health of our employees and our communities. That will remain our top priority as we work through the unknowns of the coming months.”

At this time, only Twitter and Square have unveiled work-from-home policies. Meanwhile, Facebook will allow its employees to work from home until 2021, though it plans to reopen its offices on July 6. Google has also shifted its return-to-work date from June 1 to Dec. 31.