OVH brings tech start-up incubator to UK

A laptop on a table surrounded by small clouds
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

OVH, Europe's largest cloud provider, has brought its Digital Launch Pad (DLP) incubator to the UK, providing innovative start-ups with funding and technical support from seed stage to market.

Via the DLP, OVH will support companies with training, logistics and marketing as well as access to exclusive events and OVH's cloud infrastructure. Start-ups will receive this assistance from early-stage until they are ready to launch publicly.

As start-ups move from the ideation phase, to build, and finally to market, more consolation, technical analysis, and resources are offered. Infrastructure worth £500 is offered over six months at the first stage, £5000 at the second, and finally infrastructure based on need for the finale phase.

This start to finish process is meant to give start-ups the needed support and assistance in order to thoroughly advance their projects.

“We’re really excited to bring the Digital Launch Pad to the UK after seeing its success in other countries,” said Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH. “This is a way of promoting innovation from a very early stage while also supporting the growth of businesses which are a bit further down the line.”

After completing the program, companies will be able to join the OVH Marketplace, offering direct visibility to the firm's 1 million customers.

The program is open to any company that is technology oriented, and OVH will be accepting applicants on a rolling basis. Although any company can apply to be considered, OVH is looking for projects that encompass innovation and aim for major infrastructure consumption at launch.

“Companies that join the scheme will have full access to funding, support and our global ecosystem of partners to help launch their business to a worldwide market,” Allard said. “The DLP is the natural progression of our daily commitment to partner with start-ups and help them grow.”