IT Pro Live: Data driven digital transformation

What is data and why is it so important? Data expert Caroline Carruthers will use her experience both as a global data consultant and as a former Chief Data Officer to explain why organisations need to start taking data strategies seriously. Drawing on the Carruthers and Jackson model, used by public, private and charity sector bodies, Caroline will give the audience insights into how different elements of an organisation can work together to tackle barriers and gain more from a data strategy.

Caroline Carruthers

Co-founder, Carruthers and Jackson

Caroline Carruthers is a data expert and co-founder of data consultancy firm Carruthers and Jackson. She was one of the first women to take on the role of Chief Data Officer in the UK public sector for Network Rail. Caroline has authored several best-selling books on the role of data in organisations and now consults with public, private and charity sector organisations on how to get the most out of their data.


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