The future is digital transformation

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When it comes to buzzwords in business, few have been more prevalent over the past few years than digital transformation. The idea of an organisation transitioning from traditional workflows and adopting the digital devices, tools and platforms to revolutionise the business and the way it operates is a compelling one, but where do you start?

It’s that question that kept so many businesses on the fence as they tried to evaluate what digital transformation actually means, and what benefits it will deliver in the short, medium and long term. But the unprecedented events of 2020 have changed everything, with even the most digitally resistant organisations having to adopt new, digitally-driven workflows in order to continue operating in the wake of a global pandemic that made remote working the norm.

Organisations from enterprises, through medium to small businesses needed to explore digital transformation, with clear and potentially urgent needs in mind. While some businesses had already begun to plan their digital transformation strategy, others hadn’t and were starting to realise that one size does not fit all. Digital transformation is unique for every organisation, with differing priorities and needs driving the shape and timeline of any rollout.

One sector that wasn’t worried about the need for mass digital transformation was the channel, with suppliers, resellers, MSPs and CSPs all experienced in delivering bespoke solutions to myriad clients. So while the pandemic hit businesses hard in terms of operation and revenue, the channel was gearing up to help those organisations transition to the new normal. Gone are the days of trying to convince businesses of the benefits of a digital transformation strategy, replaced by the urgent need for productivity and efficiency, while utilising a distributed workforce.

While the digital transformation bandwagon has been rolling for many years now, the breadth of considerations associated with digital transformation has grown exponentially. The cloud has become ever more pervasive in terms of platforms and applications, giving businesses the opportunity to operate from anywhere at anytime, and allowing distributed workers to communicate and collaborate effectively. Meanwhile IoT has evolved to make our homes, businesses and cities smarter, underpinned by technologies like edge computing and the rollout of 5G networks.

Then there’s the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which could be utilised to analyse all that data gathered from those 5G connected IoT sensors, helping to deliver a business actionable insight and drive competitive advantage. Perhaps your organisation would benefit from the implementation of a Blockchain solution, or maybe an ERP platform could streamline workflows, improve visibility and reduce TCO. The aspects and benefits of digital transformation are endless, making it paramount for businesses to choose the right partner, or rather the right ecosystem.

Huawei understands the importance of collaboration and building a robust ecosystem of partners to deliver the products, solutions and services that can drive and shape digital transformation. In 2019 Huawei Enterprise Business Group worked with over 28,000 partners across multiple sectors including sales, solution and service providers, and finance. And Huawei believes in growing and developing this business ecosystem, working closely with every one of its partners, providing training, talent cultivation, business consulting and investment, ensuring that the ecosystem as a whole is as strong as it can be.

“There are three decisive factors while digitalising scenarios,” explains Mr. Peng Zhongyang, Board Member, President of Enterprise BG, Huawei. “The first is the cutting-edge technology, allowing integration of ICT with core scenarios. The second is industry know-how; seeking industrial insights to gain an in-depth understanding of that industry. Finally, it is all about execution. That is to put all this into practice, turning theories into reality with continuous exploration and innovation.”

The combination of Huawei’s cutting edge technology, products and solutions coupled with this broad and diverse ecosystem of partners gives Huawei unique insight and understanding of digital transformation, making this global technology giant a compelling choice for any enterprise looking for a partner with which to embark on a digital transformation journey.

Find out more about how Huawei works with its global ecosystem of partners to deliver the digital transformation solutions that businesses are looking for.


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