Hitch Works launches new internal talent mobility platform

Hitch Works has announced the launch of Hitch, its all-new internal talent mobility platform that aims to transform the workplace into an inclusive, agile and adaptive enterprise.

Hitch uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to maximize an organization’s internal talent by matching the right skills to the right work. By enabling companies to visualize hidden skills within their organizations, they can better utilize their internal talent, increase enterprise agility and build more diverse teams.

According to Hitch Works, companies using Hitch have successfully built unbiased, cross-functional teams while keeping their workforce upskilled, reskilled and engaged.

The company claims Hitch already has a proven track record of transforming how organizations work while driving greater productivity at scale. To date, companies like Allianz Global Investors, Dolby Laboratories and HERE Technologies have started using Hitch.

“One of the many things I love about Hitch is the transparency - everybody can see every work opportunity, which was not visible before Hitch,” said George Hudgens, VP of people and work innovation at Dolby Laboratories.

“Workforce planning was a major initiative at Dolby, and Hitch successfully helped catalog our talent and increase career opportunity awareness, while improving project transparency across departments, divisions, and continents,” Hudgens continued.

Hitch founder and CEO, Kelley Steven-Waiss, added: “Hitch provides companies complete visibility into the skills and passions of their employees, and matches them to project-based or full-time roles.

"Our Dynamic Teaming capability enables companies to staff mission-critical projects with internal talent and adapt quickly to changing market forces, all while maintaining work continuity and speed.”

Steven-Waiss and HR industry analyst Josh Bersin will share an inside look at how Hitch is changing the way workplaces see their workforces in a webinar scheduled for September 16.