business transformation

Filing cabinets with digital art flowing up to numbers
business transformation

Five business benefits of Digital Transaction Management

What is Digital Transaction Management and how can it help your business?
6 Feb 2020
business transformation

Do you really need to invest in new technology?

There's a difficult balance between adding complexity with little benefit and letting systems become outdated
20 Jan 2020
digital transformation

Four ways CIOs can drive digital transformation

Practical steps business leaders can take to overcome digital transformation challenges
17 Jan 2020
Big data
digital transformation

How data can help SMBs with digital transformation

Improve collaboration, enhance customer insights and more by making data a key part of your digital transformation strategy
15 Jan 2020
TSB logo
digital transformation

TSB’s IT disaster pinned on ‘big bang’ approach to migration

There was a lack of oversight on the ‘unprecedented’ migration, but the bank has hit back against the report
20 Nov 2019
The HP logo
Business operations

HP confirms massive $30bn Xerox acquisition bid

Report suggests cash-plus-stocks offer could see the two legacy printing giants merge
7 Nov 2019
business transformation

Tech troubles cooked the travel agent

Is technology partly to blame for Thomas Cook’s demise?
3 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

How 'Brexit disruption' is giving GDS a new lease of life

After years in the wilderness, the urgency of EU exit is forcing GDS to step up to the plate
19 Sep 2019
machine learning

Replaced by an AI: Would you retrain for a new job?

The government is testing a scheme to support anyone who loses their job to an AI — will businesses and their employees embrace it?
4 Sep 2019
An iPhone user activating Siri
voice assistant

Apple axes 300 ‘Siri eavesdropping’ contractors in Ireland

Workers in Cork see contracts terminated after the company pledges changes to the 'grading' project
29 Aug 2019
Github code
digital transformation

Open APIs to fuel next-stages of NHS digitisation

NHSX deputy CEO hopes to echo the success of the popular Trainline app
11 Jul 2019
FInger reaching out to touch a button with cogs on it, blue tech automation theme

How automation can help digital transformation

Incorporating automated procedures into your digital transformation plan will reap benefits in the future
1 Jul 2019
Careers & training

Global digital skills crisis 'undermined by quick-fixes'

EdTechX Europe co-founders see deep learning and digital twins as a long-term solution
18 Jun 2019
Huawei and America
Business strategy

Chipmakers lobby US to rethink effects of Huawei blacklist

Huawei's revenue takes a $25bn hit as it prepares for a 60% reduction in its smartphone shipments
17 Jun 2019
Machines replacing clinicians in the NHS
digital transformation

NHS to reward hospitals for replacing clinicians with AI

Targeted financial incentives will span services such as diagnostics and outpatient appointments
7 Jun 2019
A woman coding on her laptop at the Leeds Digital Festival
Business strategy

Leeds is building a tech hub to rival San Francisco

Leeds Digital Festival organiser Stuart Clarke explains why the city is now the best place for tech outside of London
24 Apr 2019
An artist's impression of a digital assistant or chat bot on a smartphone
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Insights 2019: Epicor rolls out AI-powered digital assistant

The firm’s CTO insists EVA “isn’t just a chat bot” as Epicor outlines fresh analytical and AI integrations
17 Apr 2019
powering digital skills
Careers & training

Unis and colleges must pool together to boost digital skills

Panel on tertiary education agrees the barriers are too high for mature learners who want to take up digital and technical training
26 Mar 2019
legacy IT
public sector

Government 'must focus' on replacing legacy IT system

Ministers grilled on whether GDS has conducted any form of pan-governmental audit of legacy IT
6 Mar 2019
Careers & training

IoC injects £5 million to fund UK digital skills projects

The fund will support courses targeting underrepresented women in the North, and the UK's cultural backbone
18 Feb 2019
Police on patrol
digital transformation

Police embark on two-year digital transformation journey

All 43 police forces in England and Wales will undergo digital transformation to streamline the police’s digital presence
27 Nov 2018
amazon building
Business strategy

New York and Virginia win Amazon headquarters locations

$5 billion to be invested in the new sites, creating more than 50,000 jobs
14 Nov 2018
Laptop on a desk with a cloud illustration overlay, with icons to represent a virtual desktop

What are cloud desktops & how can they benefit my business?

Cloud desktops provide businesses with the flexibility and scalability they need to grow and collaborate
30 Oct 2018