Intelecom serves up helpdesk cloud to Domino Pizza

Call center employees on their headsets in front of computers

Domino’s Pizza is using a cloud-based contact centre to look after staff and customer enquiries. The firm has implemented the Connect contact management portal product from helpdesk provider Intelecom.

Prior to using the cloud-based system, Domino’s Pizza relied on a traditional telephone system with a hunt group which it said worked well but lacked the sophistication necessary to produce meaningful statistics and better manage call queues and agent time.

Tim Cawley, Helpdesk Manager of Domino’s Pizza said that there has been a “definite shift” from telephone to online ordering with around 50 per cent of delivered orders now placed over the internet.

“It soon became clear that our helpdesk needed to shift up a gear to keep up with demand from this growing technically-aware generation,” he said.

With the cloud call centre implemented, Domino’s Pizza was able to handle nearly 103,000 calls last year through the system. Cawley said that having a call centre run from the cloud meant that it was able to offer to potential staff flexible shift patterns and remote working as the call centre needed to be staffed from 10.15am in the morning to 5am the following morning.

“Remote working is important for staff retention but it wouldn’t be possible without Intelecom,” he said. “Working from home or from a mobile contact centre set up in a hotel for corporate events, means that staff don’t miss out on team-building events or the countdown to New Year’s Eve and when adverse weather prevents them from travelling to work, they simply log in from anywhere, at any time. The flexibility of Intelecom has proved crucial to running our business.”

The company’s cloud-based helpdesk forms an important part of its disaster recovery plan. In the event of evacuation from the Milton Keynes offices, agents can shut down all telephones from outside and simply login from mobile phones to continue to take calls providing a totally seamless and uninterrupted service to stores and customers while offsite.

Domino’s Pizza has also used Intelecom’s Sonar reporting functionality to collect data and present a business case to recruit more staff to tackle increased inbound call demand.

Cawley said he also used Sonar to Sonar to track agent activity, everything from working hours, call waiting times to an hourly breakdown of how many calls are answered versus number of calls presented during the day and by queue. The reports are fed into a corporate dashboard and discussed at weekly meetings, giving senior management significant trend analysis data that is fundamental to resolving recurring issues and proactively improving service levels.

“At a glance, we know what is happening across our helpdesk operations at the click of a mouse or when we are out and about on our personal mobile devices,” he said.

Domino’s Pizza plans to build on the success of the current helpdesk expanding it, with Intelecom’s cloud-based support framework, to create a central service desk environment. By linking the helpdesk into the company’s CRM system, the company aims to provide a single point of contact for the entire company with the opportunity to offer an integrated service to staff, franchisees and customers capable of handling all queries for example enquiries via different types of media about IT support, pizza ordering and special marketing campaigns including vouchers and discounts.