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Hitachi announces major restructure of US subsidiaries

The company cited improved managed services as a chief benefit of the change, which will also affect Canadian and Indian offshoot

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Hitachi subsidiary Hitachi Systems has announced that its North American group companies will undergo a major reorganisation this autumn.

Hitachi Systems Security USA and Cumulus Systems will be combined to form a new Hitachi subsidiary, Hitachi Systems Trusted Cyber Management (Hitachi Systems TCM).

Cumulus Systems will be renamed Hitachi Systems TCM as of October 1, at which time it will acquire Hitachi Systems Security USA with a merger. Cumulus Systems Private Ltd., which is based in India, and Hitachi Systems Security, which is based in Canada, will likewise become subsidiaries of Hitachi Systems TCM.

Hitachi Systems states that Hitachi Systems TCM will be better suited to provide customers with more detailed threat intelligence, sophisticated performance analytics, and develop new services to give advance warning of cyber threats in advance of attacks.

This comes as a result of the combined skillsets of Cumulus Systems and Hitachi Systems Security, with the development experience and managed security capabilities of each respectively coming together to provide a more cohesive service across North America.

Once consolidated, Hitachi Systems TCM will also work closely with Hitachi Systems India, to help deliver managed digital ecosystems and quality security services in a market that Hitachi Systems has identified as a key strategic area for expansion.

Scott Wiebe, current CEO and CFO of Cumulus Systems, will become the CEO of the newly-formed Hitachi Systems TCM. Wiebe has worked for Cumulus Systems since 2006. Meanwhile, Hitachi Systems Security CEO Anthony Subero, who joined the firm in 1999, will serve as Hitachi Systems TCM COO.

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“Cumulus Systems has continuously created value for its customers by building a world-class engineering team with a focus on performance analytics tools, software engineering, and professional services,” stated Wiebe.

“We have applied this value to Hitachi Systems Security over the past several years by providing security engineering services and security services operation. By combining the two entities into Hitachi Systems TCM, we will continue to capitalize on the convergence of technology, knowledge, and process, and we are looking forward to providing enhanced value to our customers in North America, Europe, India, and Japan.”

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