Toshiba Tec to open first software development hub in the US

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Toshiba Tec will reportedly open a new US hub in Dallas, Texas this autumn, to develop and market point-of-sale (POS) software for retailers.

Toshiba Tec, a subsidiary of Toshiba, expects to have over 30 software engineers working at the hub by the end of March, according to Nikkei Asia. The company aims to double the number of employees at the site by 2025.

The new Dallas hub is set to be its first software development site located in the US, although it already has three other offices in South Dakota, California, and North Carolina.

Toshiba Tec aims to develop a shared POS platform for retailers and provide additional services, including creating customised systems for clients by adding features via the cloud. Additionally, the platform is set to bundle services offered by other developers.

The company already provides major retailers in the US with software to track store and online sales to streamline product returns, and claims it was the first Japanese company to export POS systems to the US since 1979. The company plans to expand the options available to customers at its new Dallas hub, as well as collaborating with outside companies.

The Japanese company is a leader of POS systems in its native country. However, it has been affected by the country’s declining population undercutting the prospects for a growing market of retailers, which means it has had to boost its efforts in expanding in other locations overseas.

Toshiba Tec is set to use the Dallas site to attract new clients and boost the services it offers, especially since it already sells its platforms in the US. It hopes to take in over $109 million from sales in 2024, which is around four times as much as its projected gross sales in 2022.

IT Pro has contacted Toshiba Tec for comment.

In May 2021, Toshiba Tec’s business in France made headlines when it was hit by a ransomware attack orchestrated by the hacking group DarkSide. This is the same ransomware group that the FBI blamed for the Colonial Pipeline attack in the US. The company said the extent of the attack had been limited to some regions in Europe since it took action to stop the networks and systems operating between Japan and Europe.

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