The IT Pro Podcast: The trends we’re watching in 2023

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In today's festive edition of the podcast, Jane and Rory discuss a few key trends happening right now that could influence 2023.

With Twitter undergoing constant change, and other firms such as Meta and TikTok facing regulatory battles, current conversations around the upheaval of social media could play a major role in the coming year.

Together with the recession into which the UK has fallen, and the rise of generative AI like ChatGPT, these emerging trends from 2022 will continue to dominate headlines and drive discussion among IT professionals in the new year and beyond.


“But it does upend your image of this kind of monolithic social media entity and force you to take a step back and remember that, you know, if it was continued to be managed in the way that it was, in the first few weeks, Twitter very well might have lost a good chunk of its advertisers. And while it might not have gone up in flames, for a minute there it was really suffering in terms of ad revenue.”

“The notable one would be Stack Overflow. They are a knowledge repository for technologists. So if you're listening to this, you probably know that, and they've banned, temporarily so they say, Chat GPT from the platform because very much like we were just saying it's coming up with things that superficially look like answers to the questions that people are asking. But they're not like, the form is kind of right, but the actual answers are not helpful or are nonsense. And it's overwhelming the mod team there. So this is a kind of now that people are starting to use it a bit more seriously, I guess, it's starting to throw up real world problems. And these have just started, so are very likely to continue into the new year. This is one of these continuing trends.”

“Even if hopefully, you don't have to make many or any redundancies, the problem is going to be if there's no money to go around it's an awful lot harder to make your case for investment in IT. Whether that is anything from upgrading your users laptops, to a new server for your data centre, or even you know a new cloud contract. In general, procurement is going to be a big issue for the next year or two. And we actually have plenty of written content coming up on the website about that kind of thing.”

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