June rundown: AI and sustainability take center stage

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June has been a month filled with tech conferences. ITPro has covered events including HPE Discover, Splunk .conf24, Snowflake Data Summit, Cisco Live, Pegasystems Inspire, and Pure Accelerate, all held in Las Vegas, amid a busy season for the industry.


But throughout the many hours of these events, with tens of thousands of attendees and swathes of product announcements, what have been some of the standout moments and recurring themes?

In this episode, Jane and Rory welcome back Ross Kelly, ITPro’s news and analysis editor, to explore the past month’s many events. Ross, welcome to the show.


“I think the main standout now is that we’ve potentially moved past this hype phase, we covered a lot of these same events in June last year and the generative AI boom was still very much in quite a nascent stage. We saw that a lot of these companies hadn't really pulled together a can say strategy or vision for what they were looking to do in this space. But that's that's really come together in we saw that at HPE, we saw that Dell Technologies World to work towards the end of May.”

“Suddenly everybody's talking about data lakes again, which is a phrase that was everywhere in sort of 2015 ish, nobody would shut up about data lakes. Then they kind of went quiet for a while, placid data lakes, and now they're back, they’re forefront – we’ve finally found a use for these lakes everybody and it’s generative AI.”

“My feeling is, actually, just that there's not a solid answer yet. They're talking about it – they being enterprise IT companies in general – they want to speak about it, they know that it is important for their customers. There’s the idea of environmental responsibility in the supply chain, so it's not just what you do, it's what your suppliers do.”



Rory Bathgate
Features and Multimedia Editor

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