Victoria launches $50 million cyber strategy

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Australia’s state of Victoria has launched its $50 million (£26.4 million) Cyber Strategy, aiming to bolster the state’s cyber security resilience and develop a more dynamic and competitive cyber sector.

The four-year strategy has three core missions: the safe and reliable delivery of government services, creating a cyber safe place to work, live, and learn, and developing a vibrant cyber economy. The Victorian chief information security officer (CISO) will publish an annual statement on the progress of actions identified in the strategy.

For the reliable delivery of government services, it aims to improve the protection of services delivered via the domain, embed security by design as a core foundation principle, and improve the ability to detect and respond to breaches. It will also improve the resilience of critical services by educating government executives in critical service operations and working with other states and the national government on issuing consistent cyber regulation and standards for critical services.

The second part of the strategy, providing a cyber safe place to work, live, and learn, will aim to improve the understanding of cyber risks, issues, and response opportunities by establishing an Expert Advisory Panel. It also aims to improve cyber support for the state’s critical infrastructure and essential services and improve approaches to reducing the likelihood and community impacts of cyber crime by supporting the delivery of a new Victoria Police Cybercrime Strategy.


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Lastly, to build a vibrant cyber economy, Victoria seeks to grow local capability and enhance cyber skills development and pathways into employment and job growth. This will be done by providing cyber skills and facilitating internship opportunities, supporting more women into senior roles in the cyber sector, and strengthening the support for investment in research, innovation, and commercialisation of cyber security technologies.

“Cyber security has never been more important to our economy – it’s why we’re backing our local cyber industry and securing the state’s services with this multimillion-dollar investment,” said Danny Pearson, minister for government services.

"This strategy re-focuses on protecting Victorian’s data and government systems while growing jobs and supporting cyber businesses.”

In July, Victoria was set to spend $35.2 million on a digital twin pilot project, Digital Twin Victoria, a data-based digital replica of the state. The government hoped this will transform planning and unlock efficiencies from the start to finish of infrastructure projects. Builders, engineers, and planners will be able to use the model to test different project scenarios, allowing them to share complex information across sectors and workplaces more easily.

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