The future workplace calls for a customized monitor approach

The future workplace calls for a customized monitor approach
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External monitors are critical hardware that enable knowledge workers to perform effectively. It does not matter if your team works in hybrid, remote, or in-office roles, hardware technology impacts employee experience and motivates talent.

In collaboration with Dell, Forrester surveyed 300 senior business decision-makers and 300 knowledge workers about how their organizations best equip workstations with monitors that maximize productivity. Their responses to the survey were interesting. For example, one key insight that was discovered is that knowledge workers valued efficiency and usability the most, and predominantly chose to use single monitors. 

Is it time for you to adopt a fit-for-purpose approach when it comes to bridging the gap between employees’ expectations and existing provisions?

Download this whitepaper and learn how you can best equip staff with external monitors that positively influence business outcomes.

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