Oracle unveils latest updates to Oracle Cloud SCM

This year has been a doozy for global supply chains. From widespread disruptions to market volatility and shifting global trade patterns, global supply chains have experienced a massive stress test in 2020. To help its customers address such challenges, Oracle has unveiled the latest updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (Oracle Cloud SCM).

By providing its customers with greater foresight into supply and demand across their networks, the Oracle Cloud SCM updates enable organizations to build more resilient supply chains while delivering enhanced services to their customers.

Replenishment Planning, a new capability in Oracle Demand Management, is highly automated and fully customizable and helps customers manage massive fluctuations in demand. Replenishment Planning also predicts consumption, enabling organizations to plan and execute replenishment in an efficient and manageable way.

When it comes to the traditional “first-come, first-served” approach to backlog management, Backlog Management capabilities within Oracle Supply Chain Planning prioritize the backlog of open orders and enable businesses to fulfill their most important orders first.

Project-Driven Supply Chain, an end-to-end solution across Oracle Cloud SCM and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (Oracle Cloud ERP), allows organizations to ensure their supply chain strategy aligns with evolving business needs.

To help organizations manage trade programs efficiently, Channel Revenue Management in Oracle Cloud SCM automates tasks such as processing and settlement. By streamlining these business processes, Oracle says organizations will be better equipped to increase revenue, profit and market share.

Customer service levels have been impacted throughout 2020 too. To help its clients address this challenge, Oracle has launched Depot Repair. With Depot Repair, organizations can quickly repair and return customers’ assets, debrief them on the work performed and bill them properly for the repair services provided.

Though there is no surefire way to eliminate the supply chain challenges many organizations face this year, Oracle’s latest updates to Oracle Cloud SCM aim to provide customers with the insights needed to build and maintain supply networks that are as resilient as they are efficient.