Secure access to private applications in AWS

Secure access to private applications in AWS whitepaper
(Image credit: Netskope)

Most enterprises start with traditional on-premises, datacenter-centric, hardware-based network infrastructure. Today,  an increasing number of companies are moving their IT infrastructure from castle-and-moat security appliances to public cloud providers like AWS. 

The reasons for this migration vary, but most notably, IaaS platforms offer flexibility, scalability, cost savings, and faster app deployment. Experts predict that organizations will have future IT infrastructure that employs the cloud as the primary underlying platform.

Netskope put together this whitepaper, which explores how you can provide workers with a more secure way to access business-critical applications. It will help IT leaders understand how they can maximize the benefits of migrating private apps to AWS. 


  • The challenges of providing secure access for hybrid and remote workers 
  • How Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) provides a more secure way to connect your  workforce
  • Compelling use cases for VPN replacement

Provided by Netskope


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