IBM and R3 unite to increase blockchain services across hybrid cloud

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IBM and R3 are working together to provide clients with new options to scale blockchain technology while ensuring performance, compliance, and data privacy.

R3 launched an open beta program to bring Corda Enterprise, its enterprise blockchain platform, to IBM LinuxONE across the hybrid cloud via IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services. Starting on November 2 2020, the program will be available on IBM Cloud and on-premises, with general availability expected in the first quarter of 2021.

Enterprises in regulated industries seek to build blockchain solutions that provide performance, advanced security and data privacy. IBM LinuxONE and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services provide Confidential Computing capabilities, including “Keep Your Own Key” workload isolation encryption capabilities, tamper protection from privileged user access and data encryption.

"Bringing R3 to IBM LinuxONE is another exciting example of leveraging our highly secured Confidential Computing capabilities to help our clients of all sizes, across any industry, protect their most sensitive data across the hybrid cloud," said Ross Mauri, general manager at IBM Z.

"This announcement builds on the exciting work over the last several months to welcome new workloads to LinuxONE and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services in emerging areas like blockchain and digital asset custody – and we're looking forward to taking this next step with R3 to build on this momentum with clients of all sizes from early stage startups to the largest global enterprises."

IBM Services is expanding its Corda capabilities with an R3 center of excellence. It’ll provide services to clients planning to adopt R3 solutions. This includes Corda-certified solution architects, strategy and design consultants, subject matter experts and a delivery pool to help clients advance network and solution deployment.

"This center of excellence is being designed to innovate and incubate client-requested ideas and use cases leveraging IBM's deep expertise in developing and standing up commercially available production grade blockchain networks," said Jason Kelley, general manager, IBM Blockchain Services.

"We will use IBM methods, including design thinking, to focus efforts on developing interoperability solutions for disparate blockchain networks, digital assets and currencies and industry-focused use cases."

IBM will work with clients across industry and hybrid ecosystems, using IBM LinuxOne’s openness and security, to advance a network of networks to a hybrid of hybrids.

IBM Services will support its blockchain services and offerings to provide more options in the market. IBM Blockchain Services will enable companies to accelerate their growth through access to new channels, strategic partnerships and resources.

"Corda Enterprise and IBM LinuxONE bring together IBM's best security, efficiency and scalability features in blockchain and hybrid cloud," said David E. Rutter, CEO of R3

"Blockchain is fast emerging as the technology of choice to drive digital transformation and R3 and IBM will provide access to the privacy and security inherent in blockchain technology underpinned by IBM LinuxONE. This combined with the deeply knowledgeable team within IBM Services' new R3 center of excellence, can empower customers to level up their digital transformation drive."

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