Mindtree launches dedicated Microsoft business unit

Mindtree logo on a white background

Global IT solutions provider Mindtree made two major announcements: a dedicated Microsoft go-to-market business unit and its new Microsoft Excellence Academy.

"As long-standing partners, our mutual goal is to bring together our complementary strengths to deliver specialized capabilities, industry solutions and services that will help our customers get maximum value out of their investment in Microsoft technologies," said Debashis Chatterjee, chief executive officer and managing director, Mindtree.

Debashis continued, "Today's announcement broadens Mindtree's reach and expertise within Microsoft's business which continues to grow at scale and underscores the unwavering commitment that Mindtree has made to drive strategic work for common enterprise clients."

The Microsoft go-to-market business unit is a component of Mindtree's multitiered initiative to support cloud-based solutions’ continued demand. In collaboration with Microsoft, Mindtree plans to accelerate its go-to-market strategy in three stages.

In the first phase, Mindtree aims to enhance its Microsoft go-to-market business unit headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Here, Mindtree will continue to support enterprise clients with their digital transformation journeys.

For the second phase, Mindtree intends to create a 135,000-square-foot Global Azure Experience Center to house new talent pools and deliver “best-in-class cloud solutions.”

Finally, Mindtree will leverage its global Microsoft Excellence Academy to provide Mindtree employees with professional training and certification on Azure technologies.

"By enhancing the focus on a dedicated Microsoft business unit, Mindtree is taking a critically important step forward in our collaboration and making further investments in the Microsoft ecosystem," said Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president, one commercial partner, Microsoft.

"As a result, enterprise customers will further benefit from the innovative products and services tailored to their digital and cloud transformation initiatives, as well as Mindtree's world-class talent around the globe to develop and apply industry specific solutions to solve customers' business challenges."