Nvidia unveils high-powered workstations geared towards data scientists

Nvidia has unveiled a high-performance data science workstation in collaboration with the world's leading OEMs and system builders.

HP, Dell and Lenovo are among the first wave of global providers to deliver the new workstations, which are aimed at helping data scientists, analysts and engineers quickly wrangle data and boost productivity.

The workstations will be powered by Nvidia's high-end Quadro RTX GPUs and CUDA-X-AI acceleration libraries. This underpinning technology will arm data scientists in fields ranging from finance to retail with the computational power needed to prepare, process and analyse data.

Tom Tobul, VP, speciality commercial client solutions at Dell, said of the Nvidia partnership: "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are game-changers for businesses embarking on digital transformation efforts For organisations of all sizes, there's a huge opportunity to speed up processes and deliver tailored services to increase customer loyalty, engagement and satisfaction.

"Dell is in a unique position to offer edge to core to cloud solutions and expertise to customers looking to implement AI and ML into their workloads. Dell Precision workstations, in combination with Nvidia's reference architecture for data science, will help to streamline data into useful and actionable information while updating IT infrastructure with technology that best suits a customer's needs."

Speaking at GTC 2019, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said that the new workstations "allow data scientists to develop predictive models that can revolutionise their business".

"Enterprises are eager to unlock the value of their business data using machine learning and are hiring at an unprecedented rate, data scientists who require powerful workstations architected specifically for their needs," he said.

Addressing journalists at his post-keynote Q&A session, Huang stressed that the rapidly-growing importance of data science is evident by the the surge in uptake in education.

"It is the most popular course in school, the most oversubscribed course in school. It is likely going to be a required class for every single field, from mathematics to computer science, from oceanography to biology and chemistry," he said. "[A data scientist] is the most sought-after professional. The reason for that is because we all have so much data, and for the very first time we have the methodology to predict the future with the data we have today."

The Nvidia-powered data scientist systems are available immediately through HP Z Workstations, Lenovo AI Workstations and the Dell Precision line.