Allurion launches remote patient weight-loss monitoring service

A forlorn doctor in a facemask, looking out the window
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Allurion Technologies has extended its Virtual Care Suite to include a remote patient monitoring service.

Designed exclusively for weight loss practitioners, Allurion Insights includes automated weight-loss monitoring, analytics, and instant text/video communications to simplify remote care.

The tool is available to Allurion partner clinics for follow-up with patients after an Allurion Balloon (swallowable gastric pill) placement procedure.

“High-quality follow-up care is critical to achieving lifelong weight loss, and Allurion is committed to offering our providers the digital services they need to efficiently deliver care,” said Jeff Feldgoise, head of digital product at Allurion Technologies.


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Feldgoise added, “Allurion Insights is an easy-to-use and powerful digital solution that is tightly integrated with all of the other components in the Allurion Virtual Care Suite. We have designed Allurion Insights specifically for weight-loss providers, tailoring it for their needs.”

Furthermore, Allurion Insights allows health care providers to access patient information collected via the Allurion App, Connected Scale, and Health Tracker. Using real-time messaging, dieticians can instantly communicate and share files with their patients.

A private yet secure video consult feature helps medical professionals communicate with geographically distant patients. Allurion Insights also includes notes, a lightweight digital medical record that allows clinicians to streamline patient care.

Allurion App, Connected Scale, Health Tracker, and Allurion Insights provide a comprehensive set of software and hardware for weight loss.

“With the launch of Allurion Insights, we have taken the Allurion Program to the next level,” said Shantanu Gaur, co-founder and CEO of Allurion Technologies.

“Between the best-in-class results of the Allurion Balloon and our expanding digital health capabilities, the Allurion Program has become the most complete weight loss solution on the market.”