MariaDB takes on Amazon RedShift analytics with ColumnStore

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MariaDB hopes to go up against data analytics players like Teradata and Amazon's Redshift with its new open source columnar storage engine, MariaDB ColumnStore.

The platform enables customers to merge their transactional and analytical processing using one single interface, making it much easier to stay on top of data, without having to wander outside of the familiar MariaDB interface.

MariaDB claimed its product can significantly lower the cost of data warehousing compared to proprietary solutions such as Teradata and Vertica, because it doesn't need separate licensing and hardware agreements to use.

Additionally, MariaDB's ColumnStore takes advantage of flexible deployment options, giving customers the choice of using the cloud or on-premise hosting.

“Data warehouses are famously expensive and complex - requiring proprietary hardware which makes it nearly impossible to deploy on the cloud, or on commodity hardware. MariaDB ColumnStore makes data analytics more accessible, on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment,” said David Thompson, VP of engineering at MariaDB.

“Costing on average 90% less per TB per year than the leading data warehouses and offering a scalable solution for the cloud, MariaDB ColumnStore presents a new, open source model for big data analytics that is designed to meet today’s enterprise needs.”

ColumnStore also makes it simpler for administrators to manage and execute their data analysis, with the same security set-up as MariaDB Server, including encryption for data in motion, role-based access and auditability. Analysis can be triggered using existing queries without modification thanks to full ANSI SQL capabilities, not supported with Hadoop solutions.

"The demand for robust analytics technologies has exploded as companies look to derive greater value from increasing data volume," said Jason Stamper, data platforms and analytics analyst at 451 Research.

"MariaDB's ColumnStore is a new option for high-performance analytics to big data, which aims to enable faster and more efficient queries while eliminating delays and reducing enterprise data warehousing expenses."

MariaDB ColumnStore was announced in April, with the beta released to testers in May.

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