UK gov seeks advice from IT decision makers on 'data maturity' models

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The UK government is seeking expert advice on data maturity models as it looks to implement a single system across its departments.

The 'Data Quality Hub' is currently working with the Data Standards Authority to develop a system that can be easily understood and used by ministers and civil servants.

Data maturity models refer to tools and procedures that help organisations measure and monitor their data capabilities - how they collect, store and use it - and provide methodologies for ways to progress these abilities and move the business forward.

Some companies, for example, might find that they create vast amounts of data but only use a small percentage of it. A maturity model could help highlight what systems they could use or how they could use current ones more efficiently.

The government is now looking to consult with business leaders and IT decision-makers about what should be included in such a model, what challenges there are with establishing one, how it should be assessed, and which person in an organisation is best placed to manage this process.

The consultation is open to all, but the government is specifically interested in hearing from certain specialists. These include 'data leads in departments', or the people responsible for parts of a company's data ecosystem, such as data governance or security. It's also hoping to hear from 'senior leaders', even if they do not necessarily consider themselves a 'data person', and also 'technical experts', who work directly with data and are most likely to answer questions about how data management is conducted within an organisation.

To take part in the research, the government is requesting people email with their name, job title, and the reason for their interest. Successful applicants will be contacted for a follow-up call.

Bobby Hellard

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