AI inferencing with AMD EPYC™ processors

Whitepaper cover with title and logo over an image of an iris and pupil of an eye
(Image credit: AMD)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a prominent part of business modernization, supporting organizations to detect anomalies in business processes and  predict customer needs. 

The AI lifecycle is split into training - where data is fed through models in order to recognise patterns - and inference - where, once the training is achieved, processing power is required to process data in real time; and in order for developers to use AI models across industries, they need to be able to move seamlessly between these training and inferencing operations.

This whitepaper introduces  AMD EPYC processors, and how a unified inferencing model can support AI development and deployment, and help your business gain the power and flexibility it needs to enhance your AI lifecycle. 

Download now to learn more about AI inferencing with AMD EPYC processors to deliver the performance you need. 

Provided by AMD


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