Samsung reveals 256GB version of the Galaxy S20 FE smartphone

A model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in Cloud Navy against a white backdrop
(Image credit: Credit: Samsung)

Samsung is attempting to win over customers who decided against purchasing the Galaxy S20 FE smartphone because of its limited storage capacity.

The South Korean tech giant has just announced the release of a 256GB version of its budget-friendly Fan Edition (FE) smartphone, which was originally launched last month.

The new model, announced today, has twice as much storage space as the original, which holds 128GB. This means that users will not have to worry about storing all their high-resolution photos and videos taken with the S20’s AI-powered camera lens.

For now, Samsung has only revealed a US version of the 256GB model, which is expected to start shipping on 9 November. So far, no UK version has been confirmed.

Available in a 'Cloud Navy' colouring, the updated FE smartphone retails for $769.99 (around £585 if launched in the UK), which is considerably less expensive than its predecessor, which cost $999, or £799, at release.

The financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has prompted a number of smartphone manufacturers to present more budget-conscious options to its customers.

This year, Google opted to release a stripped-back version of its Pixel smartphone, the Pixel 5, which costs £499 (excluding VAT) without sacrificing too many of its most beneficial features – such as its outstanding battery life. By contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has a much heftier price tag, at £1,119 (excluding VAT).

Samsung’s announcement comes days after it was revealed that the tech giant’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S21 smartphone might come without the charger or earphones included in the box.

When Apple initially announced it would drop the charger and earphones from the iPhone 12, Samsung’s social media team joined others online in making fun of the decision.

New reports from Korea now indicate that the company might follow Apple’s lead to bolster its bottom line, though some insiders have claimed the Samsung Galaxy S21 may include the charger but no earphones.

Samsung made the decision to drop the AKG USB-C earphones with its Galaxy Note 20. However, users can reach out to customer service and ask to receive free earphones. Samsung has yet to confirm whether it will reduce the Galaxy S21’s price if it ships without the accompanying charger and earphones.

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