iPhone 5S & 5C price: UK tariffs & deals

UK networks have started announcing the pricing for the iPhone 5C and 5S handsets ahead of the 20 September launch.

So far EE has been the only network to offer 4G services, but its competitors now have the infrastructure in place and can also offer the benefits of high-speed internet.

With operators urging business users to sign up to 4G and forgo the need for wired broadband, the mobile space is about to become more competitive. But are these prices/data allowances competitive enough?

iPhone 5S: 24 month contracts

Vodafone The operator is offering users an extra 4GB of data per month but only if they sign up before the end of October. If you're opting for the 4G service, prices start at 47 per month + 79 upfront for the 16GB device. This bundle includes unlimited calls and texts, six months of Sky Sports or Spotify and 6GB of data.

Users can get up to a maximum of 12GB of data per month. This will cost 57 per month plus an upfront cost of at least 19 for the handset. Vodafone will also bundle in 24 months of subscription to Sky Sports or Spotify Premium.

EE - The cheapest monthly price with 4G data starts at 26 for both the 16GB and 32GB models. However, this includes just 500MB of allowance. The upfront cost is 259.99 for the 16GB handset and 349.99 for the 32GB device.

EE offers 10GB of data for a 46 monthly fee + 49.99 upfront price for the 16GB handset and 149.99 for the 32GB handset.

O2 - The operator is offering the 16GB version of the iPhone 5S. Prices start at 47 per month + 199.99 upfront for 5GB of 4G data. This allowance includes unlimited texts and unlimited calls.

Three - Regardless of which iPhone 5s model users plump for, Three customers will have to pay an upfront fee of 99.

All of Three's iPhone 5s plans come with unlimited data and 5,000 free texts.

For the 16GB device, prices start at 37 a month, with the most expensive plan setting back users 41. Those that plump for the latter plan will also benefit from 5,000 free minutes when making calls to other Three customers.

Pricing for the 32GB plans starts at 42 a month, and tops out at 46 per month.

The 64GB device will set users back 47 a month on the cheapest plan, increasing to 51 for people who opt for the most expensive one.

iPhone 5C: 24 month contracts EE Prices for the iPhone 5C start at 26 per month + an upfront charge of 189.99. This includes unlimited calls/text but just 500MB of data.

If you want to get the 5S for an upfront cost of 9.99, it's going to cost you at least 46 per month. This bundle includes unlimited calls/texts and 10GB of data. The maximum data allowance is 20GB and is available for 51 per month.

O2 - The operator is again offering up the 16GB device with unlimited calls/texts for 42 per month and an upfront cost of 99.99. This will include 5GB of data.

Vodafone The basic pricing for the 5C starts at 42 per month + 19 upfront cost. This includes unlimited minutes and texts, 6GB of data along with a 6 month subscription to either Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify Premium.

The maximum allowance on offer is 12GB per month. This will cost 52 per month, and include unlimited calls/texts and a 24 months subscription to Sky Sports or Spotify Premium.

Three The operator is the only one yet to activate its 4G service. However, Three is the only network to offer all-you-can eat data and has promised to upgrade customers to 4G without any additional charges.

Prices for the 5C start at 37 per month with an upfront cost of 49. This includes 500 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited data.

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