Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s: Which is best?

Fingerprint technology

Both devices have fingerprint scanners as standard. Apple introduced the concept last autumn with Touch ID on the 5s. This takes the form of a sapphire crystal coated ring on the home button. Place your thumb on the home button and it unlocks. You can also authorise this to make payments from the App and iTunes stores.

Samsung's effort resembles the clumsy and unreliable scanners you would find on a Windows laptop. You can unlock your phone by swiping down across the home button, and use it to authorise payments from your PayPal account. However, in practice the implementation falls short. It's also nearly impossible to get the placement of your finger right when you're holding the device in one hand.

Winner - iPhone 5s - Apple's fingerprint scanner is well executed, whereas Samsung's attempt is clunky and inconsistent.