Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s: Which is best?

Unique Features

Each phone has a unique set of features, which we will now tackle.

The iPhone has Siri, the most well-known personal assistant on the planet. Hold down the home button, and you can talk to your iPhone to look up information.

iOS integrates with Apple services such as iCloud and iTunes. You get Apple Maps as standard, and the AirDrop feature allows you to wirelessly transfer content between iDevices and Macs.

The Galaxy S5 comes with more exclusive features than any other device we've seen. It's got a bespoke heart rate monitor on the back of the device in case you feel the urge to check your pulse.

A Download Booster combines Wi-Fi and 4G signals to speed up download times for large files over 30MB in size. Meanwhile, a one handed-mode reduces the size of the screen and Private Mode keeps confidential documents in a secure area.

If you like multi-tasking, the Dual-Window feature allows you to run two apps at once.

Finally, Samsung offers users a number of free trials to premium services like Bloomberg, WSJ, Endomondo, Dropbox and EverNote.

Winner - Galaxy S5 - From the unique hardware and software features to the multitude of subscription offers, Samsung is in a league of its own.