Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s: Which is best?

Battery Life

The S5 packs a 2,800mAh battery pack, which is user replaceable. It also includes a number of power saving modes. It's possible to turn off the colours or switch to an Ultra Power Saving mode, which can add days to standby time.

Apple's iPhone 5s has a power pack almost half the size (1560mAh). iOS does have software optimisations, but doesn't have a power setting that users can manually activate when running low on juice.

We carried out three commonly used tests with the brightness level set to 75 per cent and the automatic brightness and power saving features turned off. We measured the amount of battery remaining after 1 hour of Wi-Fi web browsing, HD video playback and music playback. The S5 won 2-1, but it was close.

Winner - Galaxy S5 - The devices are evenly matched when it comes to power consumption, but the S5 has a heap of power saving modes so you can stretch the battery. Plus it's possible to swap out the battery at any time, something you can't do with the iPhone.