Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s: Which is best?


The Galaxy S5 boasts the latest and greatest in a long line of high quality cameras, and harnesses 16 megapixels to produce detailed shots.

The S5's daylight performance is unparalleled. When it's sunny outside, the phone will pick up more detail than any other phone, bar the Lumia 1020.

The iPhone 5s (left) and Samsung Galaxy S5 (right)

Things get trickier once the sun sets, but it's close between the two. The S5 has a good flash and produces decent images that don't look incredibly washed out. Without the flash, it can't see anything. The iPhone is better in low-light conditions.

iPhone 5s (left) and Galaxy S5 (right)

Winner - Galaxy S5 - The iPhone 5s's camera performs better in the low light. It can get details in the dark that the S5 can't, and its two tone flash does well. However, it can't match the raw power, versatility, and multiple modes you see in the Galaxy S5.