iPad Air vs Sony Xperia Z2: Which is best?

Battery Life

Both the iPad and Xperia Z2 promise all-day battery life. But which is better?

The Air is powered 8,837mAh battery, whereas the larger Z2 has a smaller 6,000mAh pack. Both are sealed into the back of the device.

For our Iron Man battery test, we looped the HD movie with the brightness set to 75 per cent and the Wi-Fi turned off. The iPad Air is unbeaten in our tests with a total time of 12 hours and 41 minutes.

With a larger screen and smaller battery we didn't expect the Z2 to last as long as the Air. However, it did deliver a competent 10 hours and 46 minutes.

Winner iPad Air - With a two hour advantage, the Air is a clear winner.