Puls smartwatch unveiled by Will.i.am

Pop star and music producer Will.i.am has launched the Puls smartwatch - a device that can operate without being connected to a smartphone.

Manufactured by Will.i.am's own company i.am+, it's being marketed as a 'smart cuff', which sounds much more fashionable than a 'smartwatch'.

Like a smartphone, the Puls can make phone calls, send texts, track exercise with an integrated pedometer and accelerometer, find your location with GPS and connect wirelessly to a pair of Bluetooth headphones for music listening purposes.

The pint-sized device features 3G connectivity with its own SIM card, has speakers if you want to play your music out loud and on the front there's a 2-inch touchscreen.

Additionally, it ships with its own voice assistant, so you don't have to tussle with the awkwardly-small touchscreen when you want to do anything.

Inside there's a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1GB RAM, 16GB of storage and it runs on Android 4.1, although it has to be assumed it'll be upgraded at a later date.

Sadly, there's no Google Play access for downloading more apps, but i am+ does say it's working on rolling out its own app store sometime in the future when the API has been developed.

The device will come first to the UK with O2 and Nina Bibby, marketing and consumer director at the network, said: "Music and technology are in O2's DNA, which is why we're so excited to be giving O2 customers the opportunity to exclusively get their hands on the Puls in the UK. We're committed to bringing our customers the latest and most innovative devices and with Puls they will be able to explore a whole new level of connectedness.

"By combining cutting edge technology with music and fashion, the Puls has the power to revolutionise wearable technology."

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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